David Salas. Alicante, Spain 1979.

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The future

The outdated parameters upon which modern society is built on: nationalism, colonialism, capitalism, religion, greed, and corruption will come crashing down eventually. It may take 1000 years, but they will collapse as individuals realize that they do not provide true contentment.

This will lead to a new epoch for humanity, to a revolution where basic tenets such as love, compassion, empathy, solidarity, humility and self-realization are the norm, not the exception.

Money, that man-made creation that enslaves millions of people from birth, will vanish when people learn to help each other instead of perpetuating a class-based society. All of humanity working together for the greater good of all humanity.

The hope is that this realization happens before it is too late, before we haven't fully destroyed each other, the planet, the environment and its fauna. Love yourself and those around you, foster communities built on equality, peace and understanding.

The future has to start today.