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5th Avenue between 16th and 17th


How does it make you feel? I took this image and felt a burning sensation in my gut. We are all confronted by massive inequality in a city like New York, a place where millionaires own $6 million dollar homes and other people roam the streets just looking for a warm place to spend the night. It is hard to comprehend how some people have so much wealth and others have nothing, and that gap only grows bigger and bigger. It makes me wonder about the concept of the American dream, about "making it in NY", and I doubt that I want to "make it" in a place that experiences such a disparaging gap, but that happens all over the world. I am the first guilty party of not doing enough for those in need, and I plan to change that.

Church of Saint Francis Xavier, 46W 16th Street


I am not a religious person.. shit I can't even remember the last time I went to Sunday mass, but I like going into empty churches when there's no service being held, to sit there for a while and feel the silence that can be felt in temples of spirituality, to speak to that higher source, whatever that may be. Something that we cannot comprehend yet binds all of us together in some way. Far away from all politics associated with religion, away from the rush of life. To feel the catharsis of the soul. Mind, body and universe in harmony.

York Street


To write a blog is no easy task. You try to write something that is not shit, that you'll like reading over and over, something that will appeal to close ones, to friends, to potential employers, to whoever... and then in the midst of that, you chose to write for you, to make your own voice heard. I really like this image, my favorite so far during the time that I've spent in this city. The fact that his face is hidden from view, that he is playing a beautiful instrument in the dirty subway. As in telling us that, eventually, darkness can give way to beauty.

Prospect Place


I don't really know why I am here, why I chose this path, or where it will take me. I do know that I had to make a change, and thus I now go with the flow.....

Canal Street


Everything I see around me is outstanding.



On my first visit here, this is what struck me the most.



Down Under the Manhattan Bridge Overpass