David Salas | January 13 1979, Alicante Spain

New York, New York | +1 845.728.9549 |

"Since I am inarticulate, I express myself with images." Helen Levitt
I was given my first camera when I was 16, and I was not hooked from the beginning. In fact, I doubted that a machine could capture the range of colours and textures that our eyes can, but therein lies the challenge of photography. As I grew older, I started becoming passionate with the medium, trying to emulate the greats of the past such as Walker Evans, Robert Frank, Richard Avedon, William Klein, Ansel Adams and many others of the present, while establishing my own style behind the viewfinder. As I have matured as a person and a photographer, I have focused on documentary photography, starting ongoing projects that deal with immigration, urban planning and social causes. I hope you enjoy my work.


21 Artists: Deep East | Canning Town Caravanserai | London, UK | December 2013 | Group Exhibit 21 Artists show their particular take on East London, through the mediums of photography, sculpture, paintings, performance and installation.

Photojournalism | Vyner Gallery | London, UK | May 2013 | Group Exhibit
A series of portraits from working as a photojournalist in London and the UK.

People On Bikes | BlackLab 22 | Elche, Alicante, Spain | August 2012 | Solo Exhibit
"What does cycling mean to you? When we jump on the seat of a bicycle and start to pedal, that continuous, rhythmic pedalling can alleviate the general stress in life, and make us contemplate life in a paused manner. Freedom. That is the most common response by the people interviewed and photographed for this project. To go where I want, when I want and how I want."

Japan, by David Salas | Matsu Gallery | London, UK | May 2010 | Solo Exhibit
"In May 2009 I travelled for the first time to Japan. I was lucky to travel with a friend that had lived there before so he took me to places that I would not have gone on my own. I experienced a traditional Japanese tea ceremony, travelled to the island of Miyajima and saw the magnificent Kiyozumi Temple in Kyoto. I am in complete awe of Japanese culture, its wonderful traditions and amazing heritage, and I aimed to capture that spirit in the faces of the people that I encountered."

One Thousand & One Nights | The Situation Modern | London, UK | December 2009 | Group Exhibit
"From the moment they wake, the people of Istanbul are on the move. Using ferries, trams, buses and trains, they commute, work, barter and pray. This transit has evolved through centuries in a city that sits between Europe and Asia, a conurbation that has seen 3 different empires rule its shores through more than 120 kings, emperors and sultans."

East meets West | London Design Week | London, UK | September 2009 | Group Exhibit
"Twelve photographers, one musician. A Journey. As part of London Design Week, the media collective SojournPosse and Nissan Design Europe put together a multimedia show exhibiting the wonders of travelling and getting to know people from different cultures. The result was a wonderful collection of images that reflect how different and how similar all human beings are, and it is our uniqueness that brings us closer together."